Monday, February 8, 2010

Life Is Changing

Baby boy is continuing to grow... and grow... and grow! He is healthy and looking absolutely perfect so far. At our appointment last week, my OB measured him 3 weeks behind so she ordered an ultrasound to make sure his growth is looking good. He must have been positioned funny because he weighs about 5 lbs 9 oz, about a week ahead of his gestational age. We weren't supposed to get any ultrasounds after 20 weeks unless something was wrong, so this was a blessing for sure! We were thrilled to get a peek at him again after 14 weeks of wondering what he looks like and how he's changed. I was completely captivated as soon as she started the ultrasound, as I watched him opening and closing his mouth, playing with his tongue, heaving a big sigh, wiggling his arms and legs which he had scrunched up against his body. He is so cute! 6 weeks had been feeling like hardly any time with all we have left to do, but after seeing him again, it suddenly feels like way too long. All I want to do is meet and snuggle my little guy.

Here he is with his mouth open (his tongue is that little round spot at the back of his lips):

His profile with mouth closed:

Sleepy little eye:

Arm tucked in:

And leg tucked in:

Jonathan and I have been talking about things we want to do this summer. Already it seems so natural to think about the logistics of going places and doing things with an infant. It's fun to see how excited he is about going on hikes while carrying his son in the front pack; taking walks around the lake with the stroller; going to parks and beaches with our little guy. All things we've done before, but all things that will seem brand new with our baby along with us. Life will undoubtedly be different for us but we are not sorry at all for the things we'll be giving up. It's a new kind of life for us and I can't imagine it will be anything less than better.

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