Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Developments

In less than a week, my baby has started crawling, waving and going from tummy to sitting up (as of today). .....WHOA. Holy developing skills!

His army crawl is really funny. He uses his arms and left leg and drags his right leg behind him. It's awkward but effective in getting him to where he wants to go.

His wave is exhuberant and exaggerated. He has accidentally hit himself in the face while waving on more than one occasion.

His tummy-to-sitting is very controlled. For a long time he rolled onto his side, grabbed his outer leg and tried to pull himself to sitting but that never panned out. Today he got up on all fours, used his arms to push back to his knees and settled onto his bum, sitting upright.

What a big boy we have!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Yesterday morning Caleb began saying "uh-huh." But not just any "uh-huh," a very enthusiastic, emphasis-on-the-second-syllable, drawn out "uh-huuuuuuh!" Today it's shifted to an "uuuuuh-huh," and he also added "mm-hm." Our clever boy has assigned these two words to a myriad of meanings. From what I can decipher, this includes:

*More food please
*More food faster please
*No more food please
*I like that
*I don't like that
*Look at that
*Check out what I can do with this toy
*Let's change this diaper faster so I can get up
*Come play with me
*I'm busy
*I feel like talking for no apparent reason

My baby is brilliant.