Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Yesterday morning Caleb began saying "uh-huh." But not just any "uh-huh," a very enthusiastic, emphasis-on-the-second-syllable, drawn out "uh-huuuuuuh!" Today it's shifted to an "uuuuuh-huh," and he also added "mm-hm." Our clever boy has assigned these two words to a myriad of meanings. From what I can decipher, this includes:

*More food please
*More food faster please
*No more food please
*I like that
*I don't like that
*Look at that
*Check out what I can do with this toy
*Let's change this diaper faster so I can get up
*Come play with me
*I'm busy
*I feel like talking for no apparent reason

My baby is brilliant.

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