Thursday, November 11, 2010

Growing, Growing, Growing

We're only about halfway through month 7 and some of my predictions are already coming true! In the last couple weeks, Caleb:

*Cut his first tooth, and the second is right behind
*Began babbling
*Said his first word ("mama"!!!)
*Started giving "hugs"
*Improved his standing (though it still doesn't last long)
*Learned how to tip his toy box over
*Reached the max height limit for his infant car seat
*Increased his appetite from one cube of baby food to two for each meal

Where did my little baby go???

A few days ago we got a nice jumperoo for a great deal on craigslist. Caleb loves it and is slowly discovering the joy of jumping. Those chubby little legs are ALWAYS kicking. Once he gets more stable on them he'll be a human pogo stick in his jumperoo! We're also picking up an Ergo carrier this week. Sometimes Momma and Daddy need toys, too!

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