Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blessing in iDisguise

My ipod is not functioning.

Last May, I compiled some gift money I had saved up and bought an iPod Touch. (When you register your ipod, you have to give it a name. I call mine JessiPod. Clever, no?) I wanted one for a long time but always hesistated when it came to the actual purchase. $279 is a lot of money and there are plenty of other things I could do with that. Turns out it was more than worth the money. My ipod and I, I and my ipod... we share a close bond. Turns out, it's gotten a little too close. I've become far too attached to my little device.

My ipod has become an idol in my life. I carry it with me throughout the house. I waste far too much time browsing the internet and playing games. Time that could be spent on keeping up the house, reading, my BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) lesson, etc. I do all of these things, but I think that several aspects of my life would improve if I devoted myself more fully to them. Instead of getting behind and then scrambling to get the entire house clean at once, I could do constant light maintenance, have a fully clean house every day and be much happier. Instead of trying to cram almost my entire BSF lesson on Wednesday night (class is Thursday morning), I could do a little bit every day - as it's designed to work - and spend Wednesday night with my husband. Not to mention set aside time to give my full attention to God and his Word daily.

When I couldn't get my ipod to reboot this morning, I felt cheated by the Apple gods. What would I do without my digital sidekick??? The more I've thought about it, the more thankful I've become to be forced to spend time away from it. I had planned on going to the Apple store tomorrow afternoon to get it fixed. Maybe I'll wait just a little bit longer. I'm quite good at procrastinating anyway.

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