Monday, August 24, 2009

So Much To Do

I LOVE lists. Lists keep my life sane. (Especially now. It seems "pregnancy brain" is setting in rather early.)

Here's a list of what we've been doing:

1. We closed on our house on August 19th and began the moving process.
2. We went camping with a big group of friends and had a fantastic time. Already looking forward to next year!
3. I've been sans morning sickness for over a week now, thanks to a prescription that my ob gave me. I still have lots of fatigue, but that's much easier to deal with than/without nausea.
4. Jonathan has been doing most of the packing thus far, and I've been attempting to keep the condo clean. It's really hard to stay on top of when I'm so tired. I suppose it's good practice for when I'll have an entire house to clean, plus a newborn to care for.
5. Our 9 week checkup was on the 14th. We heard our baby's heartbeat; highly unusual until at least 10 weeks. We sure felt special! Our baby is nice and strong, growing so fast. Our next ultrasound won't be until we find out the gender. They'll have us bring a burnable DVD to record it. So cool!! I'll post it on here when the time comes.
6. I started volunteering at the hopsital again. It's nice to be back into my routine.

And a list of things to come:

1. This week is crazy busy. Jonathan, with some help from his mom and a friend, will be painting some of the house in the evenings. His mom is going to clean the house for us (HUGE help, especially for me), and I'm going to try and conquer packing the rest of the apartment.
2. Moving day is Saturday.
3. We get to see out of town friends again in a couple weeks for a nerd - I mean, video game - convention in Seattle.
4. Our families will be visiting over the next month to see us and check out our new home.
5. I'll be 13 weeks at our next checkup. I can tell I'm starting to show, but not enough to be obvious to anyone else. By 13 weeks, I should be definitely popping out a bit. Weird to think about.
6. [This line is reserved for all the unexpected things that will come up this week that I don't anticipate now, but am certain will find us.]

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