Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just Another Day

After months of waiting, March 20th - the date that's been engrained in our heads since our first ultrasound in July - has come. And gone. It's funny how significant the date was leading up to it, but once we got to it and knew that that particular number, 3/20/2010, held no magical labor-inducing qualities, it was just another day. Today finds me officially "past due" but I don't really have any qualms about it. I'm almost always uncomfortable, it's increasingly difficult to sleep at night and I struggle with being patient. However, it's important to both Jonathan and I that Baby Boy comes on his own. We really don't want an induction and are willing to wait longer than we'd like in order to avoid that.

In the meantime, we're relaxing together and enjoying our last little bit of time as just us. We go on walks, out on dates once or twice a week, and watch movies snuggled up on the couch. We talk about how we think labor might go, how we'll spend the three weeks of leave he's taking from work and what we think life will be like with our son. We're both so anxious to meet him but also very much at peace with waiting on his arrival. He's not even here yet, but somehow he's already teaching us about selfless love.

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Amy Wolff said...

Thinking of you guys! I admire your will to be okay 'past due'. :)