Thursday, January 19, 2012


The evolution of a child's language is endlessly entertaining. Caleb has always been adept at enunciating and as of late, his pronunciation of words has improved drastically. I have to admit, while it's a good sign that his language is progressing, I miss the cute funny way he used to say some things, so I'm using this outlet as a means to immortalize his own words:

"Mom-ick": Monkey
"Bop-ick": Bucket
"Peekeen": Penguin
"Yah-yick": Lucky
"Bada"/"ba-dee-ah"/"ba-da-nana": Banana
"Aah-gah-deer": Alligator
"Yaya": Water
"Yayawn": Lion
"Gaff": Giraffe
"Mawk": Milk
"Mice": Rice
"Seat-baw": Football
"Moomie": Movie
"Keens": Crayons
"Toke": Coat
"Kissee": Music
"Pee-dee-ah": Piano
"Munch": Lunch
"Mench": Wrench
"Pilers": Pliers
"York": Fork
"Yog": Frog
"Ba-dee-dock": Firetruck
"Beekee": Blanket
"Mah-mow-mer": Lawnmower
"Gah-lala": Granola
"Ada"/"Hout": Help
"Tah": Tongs
"Poo-pays": Toothpaste
"Roar-wish": Goldfish

"I yike it ____": I like it [object]
"Peepee poppy": Pee pee in the potty
"More-more": More (he's always said it twice)
"Yown-in-yown": Round and round
"Ah-dew": I love you

And in earlier months...
"Dada": Bunny
"Dada": Gramma
"Dada": Banana
"Dada": Mama
"Dada": Pretty much anything

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